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(中文文本:dicksonLu。英文翻译:shuyi situ_ Vancouver)


我不知道怎么说出那感觉。I don't know how to enounce that felling. ­

也许,当我们见面的一瞬间,它就已经发生。Perhaps, when we were meet minute, it has already happen ­

因为,对你的记忆,从未递减,Because, for your memory, never decrease ­

所以,我让自己回到认识你那天。So, let myself go back to know you that day. ­

你的眼神,掳获我的全部注意,Expression in your eyes, capture all my attentions, ­

你的微笑,让我感觉身体轻盈,Your smile, let my body feel is supple, ­

好像可以随著你一起飞翔。Seem can fly with you together. ­

其实我们都少了一些东西,In fact, we were devoid of some things all that ­

不过,However, ­

即使我想靠近,分一半翅膀给你,Even though I want to anear you, dividing a half the wing to you, ­

却只能,在原地腼腆的小心翼翼,But just can do , at first bashful of very careful, ­

因为我早已忘记,该有什么反应,Because I forget already, what should have reaction ­

陌生的温度从心里升起,我害怕,The unfamiliar temperature from the hear rises, I am afraid ­

去碰触那个不属于我的幸福。To touch that happiness that doesn't belong to me. ­

从来不曾到手的东西,Never haven`t acquire of more thing ­

从来没有主动找上我,Never haven`t initiative seek me ­

我将它名之为爱情。I will designation its name is" love." ­

我以为爱情应该发生在两个人身上,I think the love should befell in two persons , ­

但是,现在我知道,But I know now, ­

它也可以在一个人身上发生。It can befell one person . ­

有点激动,有点想哭,Have a little concussion, have a little want to cry, ­

加上更多不捨, Much more not willing to give up ­

我只能,尽力记住相处的每一秒。 I can do that, exert myself remember all together each second. ­

如果,时间可以暂停, If, the time can pause, ­

也许,我就可以把你留在我心中。perhaps! I can remain you in my heart. ­

可是,上天听不见我的呼喊,But, the God can't hear my shout, ­

所以,我们终究还是要分开。So, we must want to separated eventually. ­

当我从你的世界消失之后,When I from your world disappear after, ­

要过多久,你才会把我忘记?how long has want to. would you forget me? ­

一秒、一分、一天,还是一年?A second,,A minute ..One day, or one year? ­

不管多久,howsoever how long it is, ­

我都希望你记住,I hope you remember, ­

曾经,Ever.. ­

我对你的依恋…. I continue in love with you… . ­